Insulation repairs, replacement & retrofit

Metal building insulation renovation, repairs and retrofit.

Metal building insulation renovation, repair and retrofit. Old dirty, moldy, metal building insulation, before a renovation retrofit. Replacing insulation can make your building look like new! I will also smell better!

Insulation with a white facing, after renovation. Bright, clean, new metal building insulation retrofit. 4 inches of insulation were added, with an R value of 13.6. There are different color facings to select from, based on your needs.

A view of the ceiling, on the left above is the look of new insulation after half of the roof has been replaced including an insulation changeout..

Metal building wall repairs, cut and paste

After, steel posts and wall girts cleaned and painted. Then new metal building insulation was installed, increased R-value, new look. Clean! Houston, TX Interior insulation retrofit In the two pictures below you will see an interior insulation retrofit. In cases where more that 4" of insulation is required this can be accomplished from the inside of the building. In this case the old insulation was cut-out. Nylon banding was installed to hold the insulation in place and 8" of new insulation with new white vinyl facing was installed.

Metal building insulation renovation replacement.

The metal building insulation can be replaced either by removing the outside roof or wall panels or from the interior. If, due to the configuration of interior elements, the insulation is difficult to access the exterior approach may be necessary. We have completed many retro insulation projects. If insulation is added by peeling back the panels and installing the insulation you will achieve the same look as if had been completed during original construction. There are many facing options available. Based on your needs you can select a facing strong enough to withstand a hockey puck or a soccer ball. Less expensive standard facing is also available. There are also different color options, but the options are limited. The R-value you are able to achieve is based on your needs. While changing your insulation this is a great time to paint your frame.

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